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How does POWERleap’s flooring product work?

Our innovative energy generating product employs piezoelectric technology to convert the kinetic energy from foot traffic and other vibrations into electric energy. Our proprietary circuitry design maximizes the electronic signal and distributes electricity to its intended application or battery storage system. A rugged flooring product is custom designed around the electronics to protect the sensitive components inside. POWERleap is among the first of its kind to take advantage of the unique properties of piezoelectric materials to actually produce usable amounts of electricity.

What is Piezoelectricity?

Piezoelectricity is a naturally occurring phenomenon exhibited by certain materials that will deform when subjected to an electric current. POWERleap makes use of this unique material property in the opposite way. When a force is applied to these materials, their atomic structure shifts and an electric gradient is created which generates a voltage across the material. When the piezoelectric material is integrated into a circuit, this voltage will create a DC current.

Where can POWERleap be installed?

POWERleap can be adapted to a number of different locations. Our target venues are in the entertainment, retail, corporate, and urban infrastructure environments.

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How did POWERleap begin?

POWERleap began as a design thesis by co-founder Elizabeth Redmond at the University of Michigan. The goal of the project was to solve the problem of wasted human kinetic energy. The solution was a flooring system that converted human foot traffic into electricity through the use of piezoelectric technology. This electricity was then used to light up the floor tiles of the system to provide feedback to users that their footsteps alone could light up the tiles.

What problems does POWERleap solve today?

The problem POWERleap is addressing is a lack of power generation sources that are suited for urban environments. Today's renewable energy sources such as wind, solar or hydroelectric are not designed to function well in urban environments where there is limited space, high population density and lack of sunlight due to tall structures. POWERleap's solution is designed to meet the energy needs of an urban setting. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing buildings, requires no new infrastructure and performs better in areas where there are more people.

Can I buy it?

No not yet. POWERleap is in the process of the finalizing its commercial energy generating floor product. We are currently raising capital to fund our growth as well as working with clients on a funded research and development basis.

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How much will it cost?

Once we finalize our commercial product we will have a definitive cost. Depending on power output, material required and layout the cost will change. Check back again soon for more details.

Can the flooring product be customized?

Yes. The beauty in our POWERleap technology is that it is completely modular. We have the ability to customize the product to meet aesthetic desires and technical requirements.

Can any surface be applied to POWERleap?

Absolutely, we will work with you to present a portfolio of different surfacing options. From indoor office plazas to outdoor football stadiums, POWERleap has the ability to meet the design specifications of any site.

What is our procedure for working with clients?

POWERleap works with clients one on one to design and fabricate custom energy harvesting installations. The electricity generated from the system can be applied to a wide range of applications to suit client needs.

What can POWERleap do for its clients?

POWERleap is an alternative energy company that helps its clients educate and entertain customers to drive increased business and customer retention. Furthermore, with the ability to generate electricity on-site in a closed-loop system, POWERleap can help clients achieve significant cost savings.