POWERleap Sample Kit

Purchase the “POWERleap Sample Kit” and demo all PowerFloor and SmartFloor capabilities to your clients, team members, and investors. Our sample kits helps you prove that our technologies are truly cutting edge and our integration capabilities are seamless and professional. Here is what you get:

  • 1-9 POWERleap demo modules, each measuring 50 x 50cm and sitting 3cm tall. This module generates about 2W of instantaneous energy or 500µWs of electricity. The module moves about 2mm under the foot to show the activity associated with the PowerFloor product and exhibit the natural occurring phenomena of piezoelectricity. This module utilized a patented piezoelectric technology that gives us a high voltage spike for instantaneous LED illumination, and granular data capture.
  • 1 integrated LED bar that flashes with each footstep of your user. This LED strip demonstrates that piezoelectricity produces AC power by flashing when someone steps on the tile and again when the step off!
  • 1 wireless controls kit where an embedded wireless sensor is powered with each footstep to turn on a DC lamp with each footstep for 2 seconds. This kit demonstrates the custom control capabilities of SmartFloor at its most basic level. It also reports to a software piece that shows the number of steps recorded, the amount of data transferred, and the change in temperature in the room.
  • Wireless multi-meter that measures the amount of Voltage generated by the tile and displays it in an interactive iPhone or iPad ap, or on a custom POWERleap website. This device allows you to demonstrate the capabilities of PowerFloor without the hassle of being tethered to a wired multimeter.
  • 1 hard carry case to make this kit indestructible and highly presentable.


POWERleap is a team of experienced and enthusiastic designers. We have created a completely customizable product platform so we can help you create a story for your brand and capture the attention of the masses! An installation can be used to power LED display, cell phone charging stations, and produce other interactive education campaigns. By encouraging participation and highlighting the possibilities of the next generation of electricity, POWERleap tells the world that your company stands behind a future of alternative energy.

Check out our Facebook Page for examples of past projects.

Inquire with us about our custom capabilities: [email protected]