POWERleap is a clean-tech company dedicated to the emerging field of energy harvesting.

We develop technologies and design products that harvest ambient energy in everyday life to generate usable electricity. Our systems are designed to provide power for everything from wireless sensors (µWs) to billboards (kWh). Our team’s creative approach to design and modern fabrication techniques brings state-of-the-art technology from the lab to market.

In a day when global population is exponentially growing by the second (9B by 2050), POWERleap puts everybody who walks and moves at the center of sustainable growth. PowerFloor, is just as much about education and empowerment as it is about electricity. SmartFloor, lets people tell the building how to use electricity, rather than calculators.

Core Team

ELIZABETH REDMOND: founder & president

Elizabeth started what would become POWERleap during her 4th year design thesis at the University of Michigan where she set out to design systems & devices that harvest energy from the human body in an empowering fashion. Since graduation in 2006, Elizabeth has grown her small BFA project into a global company with product demand from over 50 countries valued at over $25M worth of sales. Her work has been publicized in/on Discovery Channel, Forbes.com, New York Times, Fast Company, Crain’s Detroit Business Review, Metropolis Magazine, and more.

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FAROUK BALOUCHI: chief of technology & analyst

Farouk is based in the UK where he is working on evaluating our technologies and developing our first commercial SmartFloor system. Having completed his PhD in Footfall Energy Harvesting Systems, Farouk is about the best acquisition we could have possibly made! Previously, Farouk was a Clean Tech Analyst for Pike Research and a Technology consultant for the Energy Harvesting Journal. Today, Farouk brings us a broad undertanding of the entire energy harvesting landscape from technology to market.

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KEENAN MAY: chief designer & architect

Keenan holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan where he focused on physical computing and how new situated technologies can improve our built environment. Keenan has a background in commercial architecture and real estate development and is interested in Retail 2.0. He is instrumental to the development of SmartFloor as well as participating in concept and prototype development for our customers.

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Active Advisers

NATE REDMOND: Business Development Support

Nate is Managing Director at a VC firm in Santa Monica called Rustic Canyon Ventures. A graduate of the Harvard Business School and experienced entrepreneur, Nate brings his expertise in start-up growth and passion for disruptive change to POWERleap on a daily basis.


ANDREW KATZ: Business Development Support

Andrew Katz joined POWERleap in 2008 in between stints on Wall Street and continues to play a key role establishing financial management and product vision.  Andrew’s research work at Duke University during his Masters Engineering work on footfall energy harvesting has been additive to product development.

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SIMON TRUDE: Marketing & Global Sales Support

Simon joined POWERleap in 2008 while in Chicago at Perkins + Will as Creative Director for their Branded Environments Department after which he moved on to Gensler in NYC as Creative Director. Simon recently migrated back home to Australia where he is supporting POWERleap in global sales development and our marketing and brand campaign.

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