Harvest energy from footsteps to power wireless sensors in the floor.

SmartFloor’s core technology is a thin-film piezoelectric device that harvests energy from occupant footfall to power wireless sensors that save energy and collect data! This self-powered wireless network and controls system solves many problems endemic to traditional wireless or tethered occupancy sensing systems including expensive battery cost and replacement time, cabling cost, poor accuracy, and lack of system integration capability. SmartFloor is the new frontier to sustainable development and the future of data.  Among some of the benefits to our end user are:

  • Save up to 50% on your energy bill
  • Integrate multiple Building Management Systems (BMS) with one product platform
  • Track data on occupant behaviors
  • Interact through digital media or Smart Phones
  • Expect a 3-5 year ROI



  • Thin-Film: 3mm in height
  • Can be installed as rolled sheets or tile modules
  • 500µJ-2mJ per step
  • Proprietary piezoelectric architecture with NO MOVING PARTS
  • printed electronics substrate for low-profile device
  • Can be surfaced with any material: carpet, tile, linoleum, etc.
  • Built for a 20+ year lifespan
  • low-maintenance
  • 50-500 meter wireless transmission range
  • Dual mode piezoelectric device: energy harvester & sensor
  • 16-24 channel input per wireless transmitter
  • Granular sensory output for detailed data tracking
  • Designed to transmit 1-5 packets per step
  • Embedded and sealed electronics
  • Made in the USA

POWERleap, and partner in wireless sensing, Civioncs LLC, are currently developing SmartFloor with funds from the National Science Foundation SBIR program. The companies are currently implementing SmartFloor pilots with customers with matching Phase 1B funds. For this project, custom SmartFloor mats will control individual, custom or track lighting capable of saving customers energy and money when occupants are not present, and track data on traffic. Please inquire with us about pilot and custom development opportunities: [email protected]